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Visit From His Pet Brought Him Home From the Hospital Bed! (VIDEO)

He never thought that his one-eyed Chihuahua dog would visit him while in his hospital bed. This Kentucky man was overwhelmed when he saw his dog jump onto his bed!

James Wathen, a 73 year old Kentucky Man, and proud owner of this Chihuahua, has been in the hospital for far too long. His health turn for the worse, completely unexpected. His appetite was non-existent, he was out of voice and couldn’t even sit up straight.

During numerous conversations with the hospital staff, James Wathen wished his beloved dog by his side. He hadn’t seen his dog named Bubba for weeks. Last sight of Bubba he remembers was when the paramedics placed him onto stretcher.

Knowing this man had few friends, hospital staff did their best to locate Bubba. Animal shelter from the neighbourhood had managed to place Bubba in a foster family during its owners stay at the hospital.

When the nurses contacted the family, they found out that the Bubba was missing his owner just as much! He pretty much had the same symptoms as James!

Visit was arranged soon, and Bubba came to the hospital to visit James. Reunion left all the people in the room breathless and in tears! After half an hour visit on that weekend, and another one in the coming week, both James’s and Bubba’s health were improving rapidly!

“He’s done a complete turnaround. He’s speaking, he’s sitting up, he’s eating. He doesn’t look like the same guy,” shelter president Mary-Ann Smyth told TODAY.com. “And the dog is eating and doing better now, too.”

So it is true, not only man’s best friend, but a man’s best remedy!

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