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Two Dogs Kept Elderly Woman Alive After A Horrible Fall

A pair of Golden Retrievers are to be praised for saving an elderly woman’s life today! As she said, those two brave retrievers made sure she was warm and safe, after sustaining an injury that may, otherwise, be fatal!

Life was not great for this 76-year old Palmdale, Florida resident, Judy Muhe, who, not only lived alone, but also had Parkinson’s disease. Only other two residents of her home were 10 year old Higgins and 4 year old Dodger, two Golden Retrievers who became national heroes for their heroic act.

Working in her kitchen, few days ago, Judy had an accident. She fell on the floor, bruising her head, and breaking her shoulder! Since she couldn’t manage to get up, she remained on the floor for two full days, before rescuers arrived, drifting in and out of consciousness.

As she explained later to the crew of ABC News, her two Retrievers, Dodger and Higgins were the ones to keep her alive for more that 50 hours after her fall!

“They went for days without food and water. They stayed with me,” Muhe said. “By keeping me warm, and keeping me comfortable, as they could, the main thing was they let me know that I was not alone.”

What the dogs actually did, she described later: “Dodger kept nuzzling me with his nose and Higgins was laying beside me. I don’t know what I would have done without them,” she said, sobbing and moved to tears, “I’m sorry. I just love my dogs so much.”

A friend of Muhe discovered her on the floor of her house, when she came to see what was going on, after she was unable to reach Judy for days. The shocked happened when she opened the door of Muhe’s house, and saw Dodger and Higgins running towards her. They immediately showed her where Judy was, as she was both happy and worried to find her friend.

Without food or water for days, lying on the cold floor of her home, could have cost Judy her life. But, she was lucky to have to honest and brave friends by her side. She had one more reason to hold on, and to live for.

She was aware of the great thing her dogs did for her, so she sent a message to all of the pet paretns to take good care of their pets. From now on, dogs are “angels on four legs” for Judy.

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