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Trying to Train a Dog to Wear a Costume This Halloween?

You’ve found a costume online that would fit your dog perfectly! Great! Now you just need to put it on your dog. Having problems with that? So did we! We did a bit of a research on what you can do in order to train your dog to wear a costume! Number one problem we’ve had with him doing his best to rip the costume apart!

It was upsetting that my dog, a member of our family, with whom i’ve watched hours of TV, taken him to dinners with me, didn’t want to wear a costume. Nowadays, dogs have become quite similar to humans, heck, we even share our beds with them! However, dogs still haven’t figured out how wearing a costume is nothing they should be scared of.

So, how to teach your dog to wear a costume?

Treats, treats and more treats! Key to teaching any dog pretty much anything is treating him for the job well done. Make him realize that wearing a costume will bring him treats. However…

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Knowing that, dog will see wearing a costume as a positive thing to do. Constraint that the costumes make is the number one thing that annoys your pet. So, in order to help him overcome that uneasiness, do the following:

  1. Start while small. The smaller they are, more tollerant they will be towards new stuff. Bringing a costume early in their lives will make them accustomed to the feeling of wearing one. If you dog did, after all, missed this part of training, it is not too late to teach him. Get him some clothes on that he will wear around the house, just so he can get used to the feeling. Getting that costume a bit earlier than planned might help.
  2. Linking costume to a positive thing. How to make a positive association with a costume before your dog is even wearing it? Well, treat him! Yeah! Treat him just for looking at the costume. Make sure that him sniffing the costume will bring him treats. After that, you can put the costume on for a few minutes. After that, reward him for having the costume on.
  3. Just go slow. If everything’s alright, try with extending the length of time your dog is wearing the costume… Increase it for just a couple of minutes, until you work it up to two, three hours. You can do it even longer, as needed. One thing to make sure with this training is to reward your dog after every successful “mission” of costume wearing! That way your dog will know in an instant that wearing costumes means food and fun!

With this kind of training, your dog will not just tolerate wearing these costumes, but will be delighted to do so!

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