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These Dogs Are Having Time of Their Lives During Winter Storm Stella

As the winter storm Stella provided one last winter hitch this season, slamming the northeastern United States on Tuesday, March 14, these pup’s didn’t see to mind. With their winter sweaters on, they were enjoying each inch of the snowfall that caused flight delays and cancellations.

Although flooded with comments, warnings and weather updates, a new trend was launched across social media feeds. Winter storm Stella was an opportunity for a number of dogs to experience snow for the first time. One Instagram user shared a story about his ecstatic French bulldog experiencing snowfall for the first time! This user’s comment said it all: “My little snow bunny enjoying her first real snow. I think she loves it.”

From Queens, New York, we’ve got a black corgi happily bouncing around and rolling in the snow. His name is Domo and he is one carefree dog for sure.

Knit hats, hoodies, sweaters, you name it. Owners are going nuts about em’. Wanna know the reason? Take a look at this lovely corgi with a fluffy pom-poms hat.

Don’t tell us that you had to go to work on the day that winter storm Stella hit? Going outside was the last thing on this dog’s mind tool.
“‘It’s not happening human.’ #poopstrike2017 #StellaBlizzard,” the human tweeted.

Always on the lookout, you can find the guys from ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Their recommendation issued towards pet owners most definately made some pets safe and sound during the blizzard.
“These low temperatures and heavy amounts of snow pose a danger to both humans and animals,” Dr. Dick Green, senior director of disaster response for the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team, told the Stratford Star. “We can’t stress how important it is to bring your pet inside, and be aware of dangers such as snow-melting salt, which can be painful to animals’ paws and make them ill if ingested.”

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