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Man and His Dog Rescued From Dangerous Cliff by Firefighters!

Firefighters from Puerto Aysen in Chile, on this January 29th, 2015 received a distress call from a wife, of a man, who tried to climb an extremely dangerous cliff, in order to find his lost dog. This story ended well, after both the dog, and the man were found uninjured.

At around 8:30 p.m. a woman rushed in the police station, screaming that her husband was missing after climbing the Codron cliff in search for their dog that went missing earlier. The woman has feared for her partner’s life, as they were both unsure whether their dog is stranded on the cliff, or not.

Firefighters were quick to respond, grabbing their climbing gear and heading to the Cordon cliff. After descending the path the man went on earlier, they’ve found both the man, and the dog just inches from falling off into the abyss. Needless to say, they were saved in the last moments.

Firefighters acted in minutes, and best friends were hoisted ip the cliff to a safe place. As we said, no one was injured and the rescue operation was a great success!

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