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Great Man Saves Life of a Hit-and-run Puppy Victim

On February 9th, a 3 month old puppy from Tucson, Arizona was hit by a car. Driver of the car ran away, and left the puppy to fight for life on the side of the Drexel Road. The puppy would’ve died if there wasn’t for a good samaritan, animal lover, who pulled over and helped the injured puppy. Luckily enough, the dog is on the road to recovery!

Puppy, called, Charity, had numerous injuries. Some of the most serious ones were fractured pelvis, femur and hind legs. Veterinarians are not losing hope that Charity will walk again, because she can still wiggle her tail, which leave a reasonable hope that the legs will be functional after healing.

Tucson based organization Team Up for Tucson was contacted by the veterinarian office that the Charity was first transported to. They agreed to help, when they heard the sad story of this puppy.

Treating of such a serious condition is not an easy and cheap task, and Charity’s injuries require multiple surgeries to be performed. Total medical bill is expected to reach $6000, which Team Up for Tucson cannot fully cover, and thus, asks for help from local community members and people of good will. Donations can be sent to:

Team Up for Tucson

PO Box 35142

Tucson, AZ 85740

Or just by visiting one of the CHASE bank offices and making a donation to Team Up for Tucson.

Saying that there is still great people out there, was confirmed on February 12, 2015, when the organization received a donation of $5000 by an anonymous donor! This large donation, added along the rest of the smaller ones, have made charities first operation a reality!

On Friday the 13th, Charity had her first operation, and was recovering well!

“A big thank you to Northwest Pet Clinic for performing a 6 hour surgery to help Charity, ” was posted on Team Up for Tucson’s Facebook page. “Our puppy is doing well and we appreciate her surgical team giving their all. She has a long road to recovery and isn’t out of the woods.”

Veterinarians who helped Charity, are holding their fingers crossed that she will do well in all of her surgeries. Even though she is expected to fully recover, that road to recovery will be very, very long.

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