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Desperate Cry For Help on Social Media Saves Lives!

A number of dogs were removed from a house in Belfair, Washington, after a desperate cry for help on Facebook proved to be a success, prompting an emergency rescue of all the people and dogs inside it! Dogs were not the only ones in need of a rescue, human inhabitants were living in the horrific conditions as well!

As County Detective Bill Adam said, the conditions in the come could barely be described in a single word – “filthy”.

The reason homeowners were the ones to reach out to Facebook for help, was that they were simply too ill and under equipped to handle such a large number of dogs at once. The person who reached out to call the 911 saw the Facebook post, and went to the address in order to help, but was left shocked and scared that no one answered the door.

After the emergency services arrived, they were startled to see 40 dogs in the house! Not long after, they realized that not only dogs needed help, but the couple, in their 60’s who were the ones to send the plea, were in very, very, bad condition themselves.

All the dogs have been given full medical checkups and treatment, and were placed in local shelters soon afterwards. The investigation was opened on this case, and the dogs will remain in the shelters until the end of it. If you thought of adopting one of them, they will be available for adoption soon after the case is closed.

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