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Bieber Abandoned His Pooch Karma! Failed to Pick Her Up From the Trainer Since Feb 2014

Famous music star was accused of “abandoning” his third pet! His adorable puppy named Karma, was left at the dog trainer’s house in Canada since February!

According to “The Sun”, this pop star diva left Karma, an American bulldog puppy, at the trainer’s in February, and hasn’t been back since!

“This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up,” the trainer said.

It was actually Bieber’s father Jeremy who asked Dvernichuk, an Ontario, Canada based trainer, to take care of Karma for a couple of weeks, and, at the same time, get her trained, before sending her to America.

The singer has not only ignored the trainer’s calls to come get the puppy, but has also failed to do so for a year!

The trainer also claimed that Bieber hadn’t spent a dime for Karma’s time at his place.

In September, the trainer reached for a last hope, he posted to his Facebook friends: “Karma is gonna bite you in your ass biebers.”

Along with the comment, there was a YouTube video to be found. It was a news report from December of 2013, where the singer said he would get his dog back.

Hours later, he added another post, along with Karma’s photos, saying: “More pictures of Karma’ up to date pictures…the best behaved American bulldog i’ve ever had the honor to train…but its time for her to go.” Where he clearly called out the singer.

Ruffin’s Pet Centre in Stratford, Ontario was the place where the famous hitmaker had gotten the puppy, and after, his father, Jeremy, asked Beliebers to think of a name for her, they soon agreed on Karma.

Unfortunately, this is not the first pet the teenage star forgot about in such way.

Mid December of 2012, he have away his hamster called Pac, to a random person, a fan who was screaming at a Jingle Ball concert. Only assurance he got that his pet will be alright is a promise from a girl that “took care of him”. To make matters worse, the hamster did not survived for more than a couple of months, as he passed away in march 2013.

J Biebs representative has declined to comment on this matter.

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