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Bernese Mountain Dog Care, Training and Health: A Friendly Breed for Kids

Bernese Mountain Dog Care, Training and Health: A Friendly Breed for Kids

The Bernese mountain dog is a large, gentle breed of dog that you can often see in the Alps. They are great with kids and make for an excellent family pet! This article will give you all the information you need to know about bernese mountain dogs, including their care, training, and health. We’ll also answer some common questions that new bernese mountain owners have!

The bernese mountain dog has been bred for working hard alongside their owners for hundreds of years, which means they have some unique needs that other breeds lack. You’ll want to pay attention when it comes time to feed your bernese because certain types of food can cause stomach problems or allergies in this breed.

Prerequisites of owning a bernese?

Your bernese mountain dog will need a large space to run around and play! A fenced-in yard is best since bernese are natural explorers. They love to be outside, so make sure you provide them with plenty of fresh air on nice days.

How much does a Bernese cost?

Bernese mountain dogs are high maintenance, so you’ll want to budget accordingly. You can expect to pay $700-1500 for Bernese puppies depending on where you buy them and their bloodline. Many Berners are bred in Europe and they cost $2000+ per puppy.

Do Berner puppies have a personality?

Bernese mountain dogs make loyal, loving pets that seem to know how to put people at ease. They’re very smart but also quite sensitive which means training them will be a breeze as long as you take the time to do it right! Berners love having their family nearby so if your kids keep disappearing for hours on end, this isn’t likely going to be the breed for you. The Berners likes being around his human family all day every day and gets sad or anxious left alone too much. This isn’t a breed for people who work long hours.

Do Bernese have any health problems?

The bernese is susceptible to many different types of cancers, so you must get your dog checked out regularly by the vet. The bernese needs plenty of exercises but no more than an average-sized dog because they are prone to obesity which can lead to other medical issues! They also have high energy levels and love playing games like fetch or keep away – if you’re not ready for this kind of playtime commitment, look elsewhere!

Can bernese mountain dogs be left alone?

Yes! If you need to go somewhere while leaving your bering at home, make sure he has access to fresh water and a large supply of bernese mountain dog toys to keep him busy.

What special care do Berning puppies need?

Berners are great with kids but they’re not the best breed for small children because they still have some growing up to do! You mustn’t leave being puppies alone with your young ones, even when supervised. They love roughhousing (by their standards) but little ones can get easily knocked over or injured by this giant pup who doesn’t always know his own strength yet! Berners also go through an awkward stage around 12-18 months where it’s normal for them to act out in ways like chewing furniture or barking at people walking past the house – make sure your puppy has plenty of bernese mountain dog toys and training during this period to avoid behavioral problems like these in the future.

Do Bernese mountain dogs shed?

Bernese mountain dogs have a thick, long coat that is easy to groom. They shed heavily twice per year and do well with bernese mountain dog grooming at home the rest of the time!

How long do Bernese mountain dogs live?

On average Bernese mountain dogs live between seven and ten years. While bernese are a young breed, they aren’t known to have many genetic problems that shorten their life expectancy or cause serious health concerns.

Can bernese mountain dogs swim?

Yes!  Bernese mountain dogs love the water so you’ll need to be careful when introducing them to pools of water – especially if you have kids around who want to play in it with them! Most bernese do well with at least one bath per month but some owners opt for more frequent baths because of how much this dog enjoys swimming.

How tall will my bernese get?

A full-grown bernese can grow up to 27 inches tall (70 cm) and weigh between 100 to 120 pounds (45-55 kg). bernese mountain dogs are a large breed, so you’ll want to be prepared for the size of an adult dog!

Breeder bernese or rescue?

Most bernese mountain dogs today come from high-quality breeding programs that follow strict standards. Puppies should be the result of bernese mountain dog breeders who are passionate about their work. Rescue is also becoming more popular as people become aware of how many bernes need homes.

Do Bernese mountain dogs drool?

Bernese mountain dogs are by no means a ‘dainty’ breed. They drool especially when they’re happy to see you, Bernes love food and will often lick their bowls clean (but don’t worry – Bernese can eat anything humans do without getting sick!)

Are Bernese mountain dogs hypoallergenic?

No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, Bernese mountain dogs are no exception.

Are Bernese mountain dogs smart?

Bernese mountain dogs are a very intelligent breed and Bernese puppies for sale can be trained easily.

Training tips for Bernese mountain dogs:

If you want to keep yourself from getting frustrated during training sessions, remember that Berners need time to learn new things! Your patience will go far with these pups since obedience commands don’t always come naturally right away.

So, should I get a Bernese Mountain Dog or not?

Berners are one of the most popular breeds in the U.S., and it’s not hard to see why! These intelligent, social animals make wonderful companions for kids or adults that love being outdoors. Bernese Mountain Dogs need plenty of exercises to stay happy, so if you’re looking for a lifelong best friend who will always be by your side no matter what, this is just the pup for you!

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