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Baby killed and brother seriously injured in Colchester dog attack

“Staffordshire bull terrier” type of dog, as the Essex Police told the media, had been put down.

The attack has occurred on Thursday afternoon, as the police was notified immediately.

Flowers, toys and various other tributes have been left outside the house. Bunch of roses with a heartbreaking message saying: “RIP little man” was left on the house doorstep.

The attack has occurred only eight weeks after three year old Neal Dexter was bitten by an American bulldog in Halstead, Essex.
One action has been made in connection to that case, as a woman was arrested and bailed.

In relation with the Colchester attack, no arrests have been made so far, according to the Police.

Chief Inspector Elliot Judge has described baby’s death and his brother’s injuries as a “tragic incident”, and said officers were supporting the family.

Although the police refused to confirm the dog’s breed, it is confirmed that the dog has been put to sleep “with the consent of the owner”.

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