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American Humane Association has Founded Hero Dog Nominations

Finally! The American Humane Association (AHA), has announced that they will organize 2015 hero Dog Awards! Nominations are accepted as of now! You can nominate a dog of your choosing in a total of eight categories, and the winners in each of those categories will be announced on the 19th of September, 2015.

Categories for this year awards are law enforcement dogs, emerging hero, military dogs, service dogs, arson dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide/hearing dogs, therapy dogs and service dogs. Nominations are accepted for any dog in any of those categories, and anyone can nominate a dog, even you!

Nominations have started and will go through 25th of February. However, there are multiple steps on the way. Top three dogs from each individual group will be eligible for a second round of voting in order to determine the two finalist in each class! At a red carpet awards ceremony, that will follow soon after, the two finalist dogs will be announced as a winner and first runner up!

Each dog will “partner up” with a cause, so, in the end, the prize will be given in the form of a donation, in their name, for that cause. Overal winner of the competition will be awarded an additional bonus donation to their charity.

Hallmark Channel has agreed to broadcast the award presentation live on its channel, in a form of special presentation, this fall! If you are interested in nominating a dog for the awards, or if you just want to find out more information about the Awards or about the American Humane Association, visit their website at: herodogawards.org

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