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Alexandra Will Tell You Everything Your Dog Knows

Alexandra Horowitz is an animal scientist who dedicated her life to our four-legged friends, and she was willing to share her experience in a book named “Inside of a Dog”

Imagine if your favorite teacher had four legs, a keen and a black nose. Well, Alexandra experienced that, first hand! The main role in her new book has been granted to a lovely pooch named Pumpernickel.

Being an animal scientist seems to come natural to Ms. Horowitz, as she studies their behavior and cognition. Her teacher for the past 17 years was Pumpernickel, from whom she got an idea of the dog perception and understanding of the world that surrounds them.

Ever wondered why one dog bows to another? Well we did, as we managed to find the answer in Alexandra’s new book! The book itself is full information that are quite fascinating.

Even though she grew up to be an animal scientist, Horowitz’s plans were a bit different:

“But I had no idea that you could actually study animal behavior”, she said to Washington Post in a telephone interview. “The only animal-related job I knew was veterinarian”.

In college, she became major in philosophy, which helped her study ideas about knowledge, while in grad school, she managed to learn how knowledge is acquired. She discovered her curiosity is oriented towards the ways the animals learn and why they behave in certain ways.

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