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After prison service this dog needs family!

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – This little but heartily dog is in need of a new home. His name is Bandit, and he had some really rough time caused by a bad reaction to heartworm treatments. He was left unable to use his hind legs, but no worries, that has not slowed him down a bit.
For the past three years Bandit was full-time employee as a mascot of the Gwinnett County Jail’s jail dogs program. As the work days are over, he is in need of a full time family now.

Deputy Shannon Volkodav from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office had nothing but praise for his warm and friendly 4-legged colleague.

Despite his disability, he still loves to fetch

Despite his disability, Bandit owns a special dog wheelchair helping him move around. For sure, that would not present a problem for him, as the guys at the office said, he is their favorite and always full of energy.

One of Bandit’s handlers, inmate Scott Turner is the program participant.
“He’s a great dog. He really is. I would love to see him go to a good home”, he said.

Three years ago Bandit entered the program, which offers a chance to a number of handpicked inmates to care and train dogs, eventually putting the animals up for adoption.

Bandit is smart, loves to play and has a great temperament. That being said, he presents a perfect fit for even the pickiest animal lovers. Although everyone at the sheriff’s office hate to see him go, they all agree that he is in need for a permanent and comfy home.

Inmates feeding their dog

“As happy as we are to have him here we really want to see him get a home a long term home. He’s a special dog. He needs a special family,” said Mr. Volkodav.

If you’re interested in knowing more, or even adopting this lovely dog, you can find out more information at jaildogs.org.

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