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5 Phone Numbers You Absolutely Have To Know

Listen. Print this list out, and have it everywhere! From your fridge, near the phone, your bathroom, chances are this list might save your dog’s life one day! Internet connections might be down anytime, and Murphy’s law can be a pain in the you-know-what more than you can imagine. Some of these phone numbers might even help if you just need a random advice about your beloved pet.

Animal Poison Control Center Headquarters

National Animal Poison Control Center: 1 888 426 4435

You do know that, in state of emergency, literally each and every second counts. Your pet will be grateful to you for reacting in such a short notice! National Animal Poison Control Center, a 24/7 hotline which is operated by proven experts. Even though it is funded by 36 companies, there might be a charge for some common advices, however, just this one call, no matter the charge, can be life deciding fact in your pet’s life.

Emergency dog clinic

Spay/Neuter Helpline: 1 800 248 SPAY(7729)

There are dog owners who are irresponsible towards their pet’s breeding habits. Most of them just don’t realize the importance of the controlled breeding in dogs. This creates a new problem – huge number of euthanization and abandonment cases. That number is counted in thousands, in the USA alone. Well, good people from SPAY USA do connect spay and neuter services in one area with the pet owners in the same area! With 950 clinics and programs nationwide, this service really makes the excuse of “finance nature” non-existent.

Veterinarian studying books

Animal Legal Defense Fund Hotline: 707 795 2533

You’ve got a grumpy neighbour who is abusing his dog? Can a landlord prevent you from having your pet in the house or apartment? Illegal or unethical veterinarian operations? This is the number you should call. Animal Legal Defense Fund has great references when it comes to landlord-tenant disputes, any kind of animal neglect, or any form of abuse.

Forest fire

Emergency Disaster Information Line: 1 800 227 4645

American Humane Association is the address to turn to if found in some kind of disaster, whether it is an hurricane, earthquake, flooding, fire, or anything else. Relief information in such scenarios can mean the difference between life and death. It is not an official “hotline” though, but rest assured that it is operated by qualified personnel who can direct you in case of a natural disaster.

This puppy is sick

Pet Travel Hotline: 1 800 545 USDA(8732)

Ever wondered how to take your dog on an airplane trip? Good people of Pet Travel Hotline will guide you, step by step, through the procedure your dog needs to pass in order to get onboard the same plane as you! You can also ask for any question you might have concerning this topic. This hotline is run by U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Rules and regulations concerning pet travel are at their fingertips. If you believe your animal was treated in a way it shouldn’t be, you can contact them for advice on what actions to take in such case.

Lookup medication for your dog

If You Happen To Know Any Other

These are just some of the most important numbers you must have handy if you want your pet to be safe and sound. Numbers of the nearest emergency veterinarian, your local veterinarian and local animal control services are also of great importance, and should be kept or remembered.

If you know any other resource that might come in handy in case of animal emergency, feel free to tell us in the comments!

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