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15 Dog Breeds With Horrible Reputation

If you’re one of those who gets nervous whenever you see a dog off the leash running around in the park, this is the list that might be useful to check out.

Those fears might be as well as justified, dependent on the breed we’re talking about.

Freaking out because a Maltese or Chihuahua is running towards you would be, well, freaky, and probably funny for the people around you. However, seeing a German Shepherd going at you at full speed is, for some, really something to worry about.

“The behavior of any dog is best understood at the individual level.  While the breed tendency for a Jack Russell Terrier may be to chase, dig and hunt, any one Jack Russell Terrier may or may not chase, dig or hunt.

Behavior is influenced by so many factors – from experience and learning to the environment – including the environment within the womb,” Dr. Emily Weiss of Vice President of Shelter Research & Development for the ASPCA, stated. “Speaking in breed generalities risks not only the likelihood that we will miss identify behaviorally sound pets, but could also mean that we may put ourselves at risk of assuming that another pet is friendly and safe simply because of his breed.”

Alaskan Malamutes

People confuse Alaskan Malamutes with Siberian Huskies.

The fact is that they are related, however the ones we are talking about here really love independence, so training them is a tough job. Also, they can get really aggressive if you do not give them enough space to release a huge dose of energy they have.

They can be stubborn too. Very stubborn. If you do not set yourself in their mind as “the big boss”, you will inevitably have a hard time managing your pet.

Since they are dogs from the north, they don’t endure heat so good. Just make sure they get enough playtime and you’ll be fine.

Malamutes are often used as sled dogs. Hauling freight or just moving light objects is also a daily task for this strong and persistent dog breed.

They are, also, used for recreational sledding or pursuit, which is better known as mushing.


You thought there’s no larger dog than previous one? You were wrong. Rottweilers are one of the largest, toughest looking dogs around.

Muscle mass on their bones is extremely large, so they can look really scary.

On the bright side, you wouldn’t believe it, Rottweilers are one of the most lovable and sweetest dogs around.

If you get over their extremely loud barking, and intimidating presence, you’ll have no problems enjoying its company.

It is not uncommon for this breed to surprise you by jumping onto your lap and wanting a cuddle or two.

Dobermans look dangerous, but are they really?

Doberman Pinschers

Huge and tough are the words to describe this dog breed. Their appearance can be quite scary, depending on the situation.

Again, no reason to be afraid, since Dobermans are known as being very intelligent and loyal.

Some think that bad reputation for this breed comes from a ton of Hollywood movies, where they are used as guard dogs. Truth is a lot brighter, though. They will enjoy a got cuddle, love all the attention you give them and make a great playmate for families with kids.

The fact is that they are fast and strong, but they become so just if you give them a good reason for it.


These can get bored really fast, and if they do, they can become destructive. Don’t be fooled by their innocent and pretty, furry, look. They can also be dangerous to the smaller animals, but if trained well, can become quite an enjoyable breed.

Living in the countryside, somewhere north, is the best environment for raising a Husky. Colder the better is the way to go for them. Beware though, their natural instinct might tell them to attach smaller livestock.

They require lots of attention, so be prepared to give your Husky a large portion of your time.

Their character really resembles the one in the famous cartoon


They all look cute and fuzzy, but they have a very bad rep of being overly aggressive. Training them right from the early age is the only solution to this problem.

When you were young, you’ve probably asked your parents to get you one dog of this kind. They probably, clearly said no. Why? Bad reputation, unjustified.

As long as you give your Dalmatian enough space to spend his energy, he will be your dream pet.

Keeping them closed for long periods of time is not recommended.

Dalmatian is really a great fit for a family who owns a backyard, where your dog can run freely and spend all that extra energy.


Boxer do have kind of a “mean face”, which says “I’m scary, and you should be scared” in many way.

Whether the fear is rational or not, facts prove that often times your pet will be curled up by the fireplace, or even in your lap, just enjoying a good cuddle.

These dogs really love their owners, and are not afraid to show that! They can be really goofy, and can cheer you up in an instant.

Be sure that your Boxer is a friend for life, and will spend a ton of time playing and running around. That also makes him a perfect fit for your kid.

Pit Bulls

Even though many in the US fear them, there really is no need to. Bad reputation gets a long way on this one.

The main thing for a pit bull to become a loving pet is to bring him up in the right way.

By doing this you will get a loving, caring, and above all, loyal dog. This breed is known for being really protective over kids and young babies.

Since these dogs can get really strong and can be trained to fight, there are people who abuse this.

They train young pups to fight from the beginning of their lives. Such pit bulls grow to be really aggressive and even attack people or other dogs.


This breed originates from Japan. Big and strong, they are, for sure, an opponent to be respected.

They also have a bunch of NGO’s who do their best to label them as dangerous.

They are very loyal to their owner, and do not like a company of other male dogs, surprisingly, the breed they dislike the most is their own.

Funny thing is that Internet meme of Akita has launched this breed sky high, popularity wise. Their face really, pretty much always, looks like they’re smiling.

Usually they are quiet, calm and quite easy to keep them in your apartment.

They are marked with a dominant temper, and do require a lot of effort to train. Dogs of the same sex can really present a problem for Akita, so be careful.

They are also very possessive when it comes to food.

Boerboels are serious and loyal dog breed


They are large dogs that originate from South Africa region. They were originally bred for the purpose of farm and home protection, since they are born with a great territorial instincts.

They can also be wonderful pets! Calm, loyal and consistent is their way to go. They’re great as pets!

Certain features they own, makes them one of the best guardian and watchdogs around. Strong, brave and confident are their qualities.

If you do pick this breed for your home pet, you are destined to have a friend for life which will guard your kids with his own life, if necessary.

This, ofcourse, does not mean that Boerboel won’t be cuddly or sweet. Don’t be surprised to get a random “jump in the lap” move, or just “kisses” from head to toe after a long day at work.

Caucasian Ovcharka

Caucasian Ovcharka (Shepherd) were originally bred in order to protect livestock.

Due to their history of sheep herd guarding, if not trained properly, they will become dangerous, mostly due to they extreme urge to defend.

They are very courageous, which proves a number of recorded cases where Caucasian Ovcharka managed to strangle wolves and, in that way, defend the livestock!

If you live in a remote area, this dog is a great fit for your needs! He will become your best friend, once you managed to train him into realizing that you are “the boss of the herd”.

Neopolitan Mastiff

These dogs are huge, and we mean it. If their size and weight does not present a problem to you, than this is a dog for you!

They can weigh up to 200 pounds! Talking about doing heavy lifting. Now imagine that kind of a dog getting over protective over something.

But, if trained in the right way, there is absolutely no reason to be afraid. They can make great pets! A plus is that they are highly trainable.

Since they’re protective over their territory, you must set the rules straight away. If you let them be the “Alpha’s” around, you’re bound to bump into some problems.

Even though he will love and protect your family and home with all his giant heart, he is quite careful around strangers visiting.

This doesn’t mean that he will attack anyone who he doesn’t recognize, but train him to obey your commands, and your guests will be fine.

German Shepherds are smart dogs and with a proper training, they can keep your children safe

German Shepherds

First thing that associates you to German Shepherds is that they are tough, dangerous police dogs who can do all kinds of searches by their extremely good sense of smell, and arrest criminals by chasing them down and biting them.

As they were originally bred to guard the sheep herds, they are born with some qualities that other dogs lack: strong, smart, focused and fast, but gentle in every way.

A while ago, they were use only as police dogs, however, in the last decade or so, they are becoming increasingly popular among families with children.

Presa Canario

If you live outside of a large city, or even have your own farm, this is the dog for you! Originally they were bred in order to work with livestock.

This really makes them a perfect candidate for a job at your farm. However, lack of training can really affect these dogs, as they are especially cautious with strangers.

Since they are known to become very aggressive if not receive the correct training, combining that with their large body, makes them one of the dangerous kind.

Natural guardian instinct gives them the ability to cope with animals larger than themselves, no matter the cost.

You might end up with an potentially dangerous pet, who is unreliable if you do not teach him to obey and respect your family.

Chow Chow

Cute, extremely protective and quite selective are the best words to describe this dog breed.

They will pick just a handful of people who they consider valuable enough, and will protect them with their lives.

They are also, very cautious to the people they meet for the first time. You won’t see them drooling over someone they’ve just met.

Their general reputation is that they tend to be untrustworthy and even aggressive. Being so attached to their owner, strangers are a threat to them.

However, if the owner makes sure the Chow Chow is trained, and obeys the orders, there should be no problems in welcoming guests to your home.

Their teddy-bear like appearance is certainly a physical description of a great part of their character.

Wolf Hybrid

Whoa, it’s half-wolf?! Mixing a gray wolf and a dog proved to be a partial success. We have a dog with quite an unpredictable behavior. Impulsive reactions are something that you’ll hardly change by any kind of training with this breed.

Don’t think of them as wolves. They do have common features, but they are really not the same animal. They can be a good choice if you know to approach them as dogs, but, in the back of your head, think of their roots.

They have some wild animal instincts, and are not handling small and tight spaces well. They want to run freely and explore new things.

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