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15 Dog Breeds With Horrible Reputation

If you’re one of those who gets nervous whenever you see a dog off the leash running around in the park, this is the list that might be useful to check out.

Those fears might be as well as justified, dependent on the breed we’re talking about.

Freaking out because a Maltese or Chihuahua is running towards you would be, well, freaky, and probably funny for the people around you. However, seeing a German Shepherd going at you at full speed is, for some, really something to worry about.

“The behavior of any dog is best understood at the individual level.  While the breed tendency for a Jack Russell Terrier may be to chase, dig and hunt, any one Jack Russell Terrier may or may not chase, dig or hunt.

Behavior is influenced by so many factors – from experience and learning to the environment – including the environment within the womb,” Dr. Emily Weiss of Vice President of Shelter Research & Development for the ASPCA, stated. “Speaking in breed generalities risks not only the likelihood that we will miss identify behaviorally sound pets, but could also mean that we may put ourselves at risk of assuming that another pet is friendly and safe simply because of his breed.”

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