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11 Ways to Teach Your Dog Not to Mess Up Your Halloween!

With Halloween in our minds for some time now, few of us think of a danger that celebrating this holiday might be to our pets. Here are a few tips for parents, kids and dog owners, just to be sure that your dogs will stay safe this Halloween. You can hear and see some very disturbing sights and sounds, which can cause a lot of stress, even for the calmest pets. Keeping them away from doors, windows or any other source of scary sights and sounds is, for sure, the best way of protection. One way you can do this is by giving them a treat to chew on for hours.

Now about your kids. Make sure that they stay put if any dog comes near them on Halloween. Have in mind that the dogs haven’t used to people walking around in weird costumes, or knocking on your door. Dogs can easily get confused and scared by those sights.

Would be cool to have this guy as a pet?

If you own a dog:

  1. Make sure your dog is behind closed doors, or in a crate somewhere away from the door you normally use. Also, if there is a party in your house, make sure to keep your dog as away as possible from it!
  2. Nothing calms a dog as a nice, juicy bone, taken right from the butchery! Some radio or TV sounds in the same room that you’re leaving your dog in, might help cancel all the scary sounds.
  3. If the room is in lower part of the house, close window opening by blinds or drapes, just so your dog doesn’t see rivers of people flowing to your house.
  4. Doorbell can be quite upsetting for some dogs. If your dog gets upset by its sound, disconnecting it might be a good idea. If not, then i guess you’ll have to look around for trick-or-treaters and just jump right in front of them, without them ringing the bell
  5. If your dog nibbles or seems anything close to upset when he sees your kids in costumes, BEWARE!
  6. Keeping your pets indoor around holiday time is the best way to protect both you, your family and your pet! Its widely known that pets can be injured and poisoned just as parts of Halloween pranks and some weird rituals.
This poor little fella was a bit to happy about the holiday decorations

If you’re a parent, or a local kid:

  1. DO NOT approach a dog while in costume! Chances are that the dog will not recognize you, and might become violent!
  2. If you get a chance to see a dog in the house, when the owner opened the door just stand there and WAIT. That is all you need to do, until the owner puts the dog away Notifying the owner that you don’t want to get near the dog is of great use. Do not move towards the owner, or any member of his family or friends! And one last thing. Wait until the doors are shut before you turn around and leave the doorstep. The dog might think you’re running away.
  3. If the dog comes right towards you just when the owner opens the door, get into the “tree” position (your hands in front, while looking at your feet). Dog will probably just take a sniff at your legs, and will come back to where it originally was.
  4. If you get a chance to be followed by a dog without an owner, again, “tree” position saves the day! Stand in that position until the dog leaves.
  5. The best remedy for dogs on Halloween is for sure that you ignore other dogs while owners are walking them. Again, strange creatures and costumes will, probably, freak any dog out! Thinking that the dog will recognize you is a huge no-no.

One last thing. Talking about scary days of an average dog’s life, Halloween pretty much ranks in the top 3.

Fear is a huge part of accidental injury a freaked out dog can cause to you, or your loved one. So, read those advices again, and have them in mind during this Halloween season!

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